About us

epiLate was born in Brescia, Italy, in 2010, creating a chain of aesthetic medicine specialized in treatments of permanent hair removal and body remodeling with SWT technology.

Since its inception, its main objective was to make accessible to its customers the best treatments and products in the market in a completely professional way and offering a totally customized customer service. Proof of this is our desire to have a first contact with the client, without any kind of commitment, to establish their real needs and the most effective and optimal treatment for the problem to be treated.

This line of business leads the chain to achieve great success leading to the opening of the second establishment in the center of Milan and immediately extends to other cities in the rest of Italy.

Today epìLate has more than 90 centers in Italy and a center in Spanish territory, in Madrid, which opened at the end of 2015; what has made it recognized throughout the territory in which it operates by experts in the sector. For epiLate the success of his work is mainly due to the following pillars:



All epILate centers have clinical assistance from the Clinical Specialist Ellipse and the medical team IS specialized in dermatology, as well as specific pharmacological assistance. The client receives an exclusive and personalized service that will take into account each specific need.

The medical treatments we perform are applied by a recognized medical team with extensive experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.


Dr. Julián Bayón Díaz is graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Iberoamerican’s University and has a diploma in Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Born in Madrid, he has always been linked to the field of aesthetic medicine since his father was Dr. Julián Bayón Plaza.

Throughout his career he has sought to continue training in the most innovative treatments and techniques in the sector, which has led him to attend numerous courses and practical and theoretical stages on his specialty.

So he did a training in Bioplasty in the Nacul Clinic (Brazil), a practical training stages in Peelings of Fenol in the Clinic of Dr. Kacowicz (Brazil) or a practical training stage in Techniques of injection of non-absorbable fillers in the Clinic of Dr. Elbaum (Montevideo-Uruguay) among others.

He is also a member of the SEME (Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine) and SEMCC (Spanish Society of Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine) and he has worked in renowned medical centers in Madrid and Barcelona.


Epilate has a Joint Venture with the Danish manufacturer Ellipse® which is a Danish multinational leader in manufacturing dermatological medical machines of light energy (Laser and IPL) of last generation (www.ellipse.com).

Thanks to the quality and seriousness of the Ellipse® brand, our devices guarantee a complete efficiency of hair removal treatments and aesthetic medicine as well as high safety standards for all skin types.

We know that the customer today is more critical and weigh more options in terms of services or products to consume, so we are oriented to provide a high quality service at an affordable price.

We also work with laboratories of Irish origin ALLERGAN with a presence in more than 100 countries, including Spain. Its work focuses mainly on the development, manufacture and marketing of branded pharmaceutical products as well as creating biological products for all types of patients (www.allergan.com).

ALLERGAN’s product portfolio is very broad, offering solutions to other areas of health besides Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine.

    1. I+D


    Technological development is one of the strongest epiLate points relies on the research and development of Ellipse® to guarantee its customers the most up-to-date technologies in the sector.

    Ellipse allow us to work with the most advanced technology, the SWT (selected frequency band technology), which meets the strictest requirements for efficiency, safety and quality. It also has FDA and the ISO 9001 standards certifications and rigorous clinical tests. Ellipse® last generation: the square pulse that allows us to obtain the maximum efficiency, for concrete and clinically proven results and the double filter that assures an extreme safety in each phase of the treatment.


    The ALLERGAN model is based on Open Science, in which it uses research methods whose experiments and data obtained in them are public access. They give a huge importance to science investment promoting discovery and collaboration equally. This allows them to identify and develop ideas and innovation in a totally different way from what has been done in the pharmaceutical industry, which allows them to differentiate themselves in offering better customer service and what they demand at all times.


    Gracias a la amplia cadena de centros de la que disponemos en Italia obtenemos sinergias tanto en I+D, como en la gestión y atención al cliente que ofrecemos en España, contribuyendo así a un mayor crecimiento y desarrollo

    Thanks the centers chain we have in Italy, we obtain synergies in R & D, as well as in the management and customer service we offer in Spain, thus contributing to greater growth and development.


    The basis of our business is the training of the staff that works with us. Each medical-aesthetic technician receives a minimum training of 2 weeks at our head office in Milan.

    Every 3 months we carry out recycling courses to update ourselves on new developments and reinforce the knowledge wich sustains our daily work. This is the reason we carry out Theoretical, Technical / Practical, Marketing, Commercial and Management training.

    Training is our know-how.

    To join epìlate team every worker have an adequate professional certification, obtained after an extensive preparation and a test, as well as constant internal improvements.

    Machinery efficiency , guaranteed results, professional technicians, medical attention, advanced technology, uniqueness and experience: these are our added values, our strength, our know-how.