Body treatments

From constant attention to health and well-being coupled with the constant search for effective and innovative technologies, a line of exclusive treatments can surprise you with truly visible and revolutionary results. EpiLate Bodycare offers treatments with different, equally excellent technologies with one purpose: helping you stay and feel good.


All the experience and innovation of epiLate in a truly revolutionary body treatment: THERMOLIPOLIS.

An exclusive novelty that in one treatment allows you to: decontract, reduce, drain, detoxify, remodel, fill, tonify, redraw, relieve, pamper, sculpt.

The secret of the newest technology is the synergy between connectivity massage, modulated radiofrequency, ultrasound and photodynamics through the exclusive Mio Regenesi.

The results

After treatment, you will notice the sculpting and toning action immediately, as well as an improvement in circulation in the treated area. At the end of the treatment cycle the firming and remodeling action will be complete and lasting.


EpiLate proposes the treatment of Futura Pro, which, unlike other systems, intervenes not only on the problem but also on the cause that causes it.

It is possible to fight different blemishes and undergo different treatments: anticellulite, intense abdominal training, cm loss, toning and body aging.

A body treated for a period of time with Futura Pro changes its shape and its tissues are more oxygenated, nourished and detoxified.

The results

The treatment ensures weight and volume loss and can perform various functions including toning, eliminating cellulite, gluteus up, and so on. Facial treatments such as biostimulation, microcurrents and ultrasounds are also performed.