Technology and clinical assistance

One of the priorities is customer service.

Each center has ongoing clinical support from Ellipse® (clinical specialists) physicians for any situation and need that is present.

All of our operators are accurately trained and trained by the Ellipse® specialized medical team and receive continual periodic updates at our headquarters.

epiLate DermAesthetic Solutions priority it’s customer medical assitance.

The customer it’s unique because the body it’s a resource to read and understand. We are not all the same, this means that every customer will have a particular need of a treatment studied for himself, only for himself.

SWT TECHNOLOGY guarantees:

EFFICACY: thanks to the square pulse technology, the germ cells responsible of hair growth are damaged in a definitive way.

SAFETY: with the double filter system, Ellipse patented, we reduced the risk of secondary effects.

ALL HAIR’S TYPES: with SWT we are able to treat all hair and skin types. We don’t need a contrast because waves are polychrome.

PAUSE BEETWEEN SESSION: with SWT, the sessions take place only when the customer really need it, to guarantee less sessions with the best results.

SESSION NUMBER ON THE AVARAGE: SWT technology int’s prooved by clinical studies to guarantee the best definitive result with a determined session number beetween 6 and 8.