SWT TECHNOLOGY, thanks to the diffusion of selected light, allow us to hit the right zone without damaging tissues. It’s fully approved as the most efficient and safe method in the market. The SWT square pulse permits us to do delicate, not invasive and completely safe.

You can look at te clinical abstracts here: http://www.ellipse.com/en/Clinical-abstracts.1838.aspx.

How does it works in epilation?

Every hair contains a pigment, melanine, that catches the light emission converting it in warm. Hair works as a driver giving warm to hair bulb changing permanently its structure and stopping the re- growth of the new hair.

As hair it’s embedded in the bulb, during the first session we can’t eliminate the total but we need different treatments, from 4 to 8, to obtain a complete result.

Treatments phases

1. The customer receive every information and advice he/she needs to obtain the best result.
2. We examinate the skin type, the hair and the tanning level.
3. The eyes are protected with appropriate glasses. The treatment it’s not invasive and it's painless.
4. We apply optical gel to increase the penetration of light in epidermis.
5. Beauticians treat the area with an applicator with a surface of 6cm 6.
6. We use the post epil lotion on the area.

Treatment guarante

We guarantee 95% result for ten years. You can have only a 5% regrowth, so you may need a revise every year. For people with hormonal problems the percentage can be higher.

Before the treatment

– 30 days before the treatment don’t colour the hair, don’t wax, don’t use tweezers.

– For two weeks before the treatment don’t take sun or have sunlamps because you can be burnt.

–Don’t discolour the hair for 30 days before the treatment, because it can sensitise the skin.

– Two days before, shave the area leaving a small hair area to evaluate it; don’t touch face area because the esthetician will shape it for you with a little shaver just before the treatment.

–If you take any medicine or have any disease please tell us to evaluate the situation.

–Give the center information about any surgery.

After the treatment

You have to put on the area a soothing lotion to moisturize the skin. After a cycle the hair will never grown again, excluded a 5% on the total amount, caused by hormonal question. We advide an annual revision.

1. How often we have to do the treatment?

It depends. The hair growith cicle it’s cyclical and the follicle passed through rest phases. Only the follicles wich are growing have the hair inside and could be eliminated. We start waiting a month between each session but the time become longer for every session we do.

2. Can you treat every hair colour?

The hair colour it’s the sign of the presence or absence of melanine. We have the best results with dark hair and light skin. In case of blond or red hair the result is slower and you may need more sessions because of the lower melanine concentration. Grey or white hair haven’t melanine we can’t treat them

3. Can you treat all phototypes?

Every phototypes can be treated, from lighters to darkers.

4. Could we do it during pregnancy?

It’s better to wait the ormonal balance. If pregnancy starts during the treatment we advice you to stop the treatment.

5. Do you treat people younger then 16 years old?

It’s better to wait because development is not finished yet. You can have it but we can’t guarantee the result.

6. What about prothesis, tattoos and permanent make-up?

SWT treatments don’t cause any consequences to silicone prothesis. Permanent make-up and tattoos, absorb light, so we can not treat this areas. This is why the operator has to cover tattoos and permanent make-up with white pencil.

7. Does the treatment has any side effects?

Rarely we have side effects. It’s normal to present a little redness or swelling on the area but they disappear soon.

During the treatment

1. Why do we use a gel? To reach a perfect light transmission transmission to the skin.

2. How long does the treatment take? It depends. A visage treatment lasts almost 10 minutes but a bigger area, like legs and back, can take almost 60 minutes.

3. Between the sessions, what epilation systems I have to use? During the treatment you can use only a shaver to cut the hair. Do not use any other system like wax, tweezers or depilatory cream.

Do you treat eyebrows?

Eyebrows are rich of water so only high quality machineries can treat the area. Our machina is perfect to treat is area.

Can you do a treatment on small and normal moles

Yes, no problem.

Can you do the treatment on bold heads?

On this area skin it’s really thin and the bone can reflects light and burns the area. Even the skin it’s different from the rest of the body, more sensible, so it could be burnt easily. It is possible to do a shot to see the consequences.

Can a woman do the treatment during breastfeeding?

There’s no side effects related to breastfeeding but it's possible to have ormonal unbalance wich could compromise the results.

Can this treatment causes follicle infection?

It can cause hair follicle infection, especially on sensible skin, because we cause an inflammation of the follicle. It's a normal reaction of the skin.

Can you do the treatment on anyone with circulatory problems?

Yes, no problem.

Can you treat face included nose or ears areas?

Yes, no problem.

Can you do soft rejuvenation on customers with dental implant?

We can treat them but we are very careful with bones plaque because the are really near to the skin. This is why it’s better not to treat the area.