Marketing & Advertising

Thanks to the support of internal teams, epiLate develops the best marketing strategies to gain the success of its affiliates. The choice of the best communication formulas allows us to optimize the contacts and acquire new customers to bring to their center.

Successful franchise marketing strategies are made available to increase not only brand awareness, but above all the expansion of the franchise network.

There are several approaches we can use to advertise your center.

Marketing on line

Online marketing has the immediate goal of increasing visibility and paying more attention to the online positioning (Google) of each center. As a result, profiled contacts are increased through various online promotion activities such as:

Franchising mini-site development

Digital marketing Consulting

Mini-site placement

Menage online campaigns

Lead Generation

Marketing off line

Center events and materials are and remain offline communication tools with their own specific weight within epiLate marketing plans. The affiliate will also have the opportunity to exploit traditional marketing and realize:



posters / billboards


It’s crucial to identify the best target customers and employ every resource to communicate with them, with their language and in their ways.

By using an integrated marketing strategy then, you will expose your customer to a truly consistent and widespread message throughout the buying process.

Opening Strategy

There are different ways to advertise a new store and give visibility to your product or service, but whatever your promotional choice, you always have to carefully plan every detail, without leaving anything to the point.

The moment of opening up a new business is of paramount importance; one of the priority issues to ensure adequate customer access is to plan and invest in efficient advertising.


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