Why you should join us

epiLate franchising format is the perfect solution to create a stable and steady job in a growing sector. Are you a professional beautycian? An innovative entrepreneur? Are you looking for the perfect self-employment? The benefits are incredible.

High profitability

If you are an aesthetician you can choose self-employment. If you are an entrepreneur we will do a training course which will allow you to manage your store independently. Small investment


Quick start-up recovery times thanks to EpiLate high profitability and optimized management costs.


Epilate can counts on Ellipse Microlight SWT machine for epilation and soft rejuvenation. This revolutionary technology allows us to DEFINITELY DELETE germinating cells, responsible of hair growth,



epiLate image is elaborate and refined. Atmosphere and comfort were studied by putting customers needs in advance. The choice of furnishings and stylistic taste communicates cleanliness, professionalism and seriousness, primary concepts to inspire confidence and confidence.

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Before and after the opening, the new center will be assisted 100% by the company from the choice of position, analysis of geomarketing, the restructuring and the set-up. The center will be supported for commercial start up by marketing department that for processing the most appropriate advertising strategies for the reference area.

The staff is selected by the affiliate, after a selection with the human resources area and will be trained at the headquarters by Ellipse team. The support continue also with administrative and bureaucratic assistance.



Seriousness and professionalism are epiLate basis. Essential concepts to convey credibility and achieve gratifying results. Competition in the industry is very high and the only way to stand out is to train our operators the best we can providing convenient methods, tools and services. epiLate has found its work on training, proposing a course to increase the professionalism and technical training of the operators.

The training period will cover both theoretical and practice, which the new resource place alongside an operator with a huge experience.

Know how

A real know-how is the feature of every successful reality.

epiLate was born in Brescia in 2010 and the great success brings shortly to the opening of the second center in Milan hinterland. Immediately, affiliates requests became more and more, coming in 2012 to the opening of the first five franchise reality and in 2013 at the opening of 20 franchises centers throughout Italy.

Today, epiLate has reached 60 centers, and the number is still growing. In order to increase the business development of our affiliated centers, we have various support teams: administration, human resources and marketing that, together, coordinate activities.


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