epiLate experience gave birth to a high cosmetic line for your skin and body dedicated to the needs of different skin types, clinically tested.

BodyCare Toning Gel 250ML
It dilutes and removes impurities and fat mass that are eliminated by strengthening natural drainage of fatty tissue.
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Face oil 50ml (N2)
Perfect balanced combination of different natural oils rich in vitamins.
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Azulene Moisturizing Cream 50ml
Restores the natural structure by restoring the hydrolipidic balance in the deeper layers.
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Anti-age Moisturizing Cream with Asian Centella 50ml (N2)
It promotes the cell renewal process, attenuating and delaying premature wrinkle formation and expression of excessive skin dryness caused by various external aggression agents.
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Marine Face cream 24h antiage epiLate (N2)
EpiLate marine cream has been created as a skin wrinkle cream and anti-aging skin.
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Post-epilation cream epiLate
EpiLate cream was created as a post-epilation emulsion; Thanks to the Asian centella, very soothing active ingredient and aloe vera, very moisturizing, is ideal as a cream to use after the final epilation treatment and in the following 4/5 days.
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Eye contour whit liposomes 15 ml
Rivitilizing and nourishing eye treatment
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Body sunscreen 50 – 250ML
Creme specific for the body, moisturizing, fragrant, without allergens and containing plankton extracts; Physical solar screen that prevents the penetration of UV rays. Waterproof and free of petroleum.
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Face sunscreen 50 – 100ML
Creme specific for the face, moisturizing, fragrant, without allergens and containing plankton extracts.
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Asian Centella Gel 50ml
Anti age complex and tissue renewal. It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin.
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Eyes & face makeup remover 500ML
Eliminates impurities in depth and provides nourishment to the skin.
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Toner 500ML
Adjusts the pH, tones and decongestions the most sensitive areas of the skin, giving it a healthy, shiny appearance and a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
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