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epiLate experience gave birth to a high cosmetic line for your skin and body dedicated to the needs of different skin types, clinically tested.



720,00 509,00
Pack Discount 15 sessions permanent hair removal
Pack Discount  10 sessions soft-rejuvenation epiLate
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Eye contour whit liposomes 15 ml
Rivitilizing and nourishing eye treatment
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25,99 23,39
Body sunscreen 50 – 250ML
Creme specific for the body, moisturizing, fragrant, without allergens and containing plankton extracts; Physical solar screen that prevents the penetration of UV rays. Waterproof and free of petroleum.
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1.056,00 699,00
Pack 12 sessions BodyCare/FaceCare – treatments facial/body epiLate
Discount Pack 12 sessions treatments facial/body epiLate
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Peeling with white algae 200ml
Exhales deep and removes dead cells. It gives new life to the skin, constantly contributing to its renewal.
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